Scientific field research is a critical component of our project, and the most exciting!
Through call - up and spoor surveys, camera trapping, satellite GPS collaring and more, we have been monitoring the lion population of Matusadona NP and contiguous areas since 2014. 
We have collared 11 lions amongst 5 prides to date and this number continues to rise providing us with a detailed insight into lion ecology, behaviour and population trends. 
Through our field research we have been the first to document dispersal routes from Matusadona NP, home range size and use across the landscape, current population viability and other large carnivore distribution and abundance. This research is used to help guide relevant management plans and policies for the area ensuring best practice conservation efforts are implemented.
We were also the first to discover previously unheard of elephant predation by study lions in Matusadona NP and have gathered the first detailed dataset for unique crocodile predation habits. Prey availability, the nature and extent of anthropogenic threats, and habitat quality also form an important part of our research.
Our fieldwork takes us across the entire Sebungwe landscape where we work closely with other stakeholders in the region and provide them with scientifically sound findings to improve in situ conservation programs.

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