We believe sharing information and creating awareness, however and whenever possible, is crucial for conservation. 

Through our conservation work we give and partake in many talks, with community members to dedicated wildlife rangers, on topics from human-carnivore coexistence to predator safety and project findings.

We ensure all of our publications and reports are open access and readily available to the public. We've collaborated with many other stakeholders, local and international, through our research and conservation programs.

We're also active members of the Sebungwe Thematic Working Group of the KAZA* Carnivore Conservation Coalition, the African Lion Working Group and the IUCN SSC* Conservation Breeding Specialist Group.

Our project has also been featured in a many TV shows across the world and most notably assisted with the filming of the National Geographic feature "The Lakeshore Killers". 

Our Project Founder and Director is also the creator of the World Lion Day campaign - an international campaign celebrated every year, 10th August, to raise lion conservation awareness and to highlight their importance culturally and historically across the world.

We often reach out using social media to keep our supporters up to date with our work in the field. Find and follow us on Facebook and Instagram by clicking the icons at the bottom of each webpage.

*KAZA - Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA)

*IUCN SSC - International Union For Conservation of Nature, Species Survival Commission

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